There is more money to make after the sale 

Even when sales are down, service should keep you afloat every month. Don’t sleep on your garage. Service integration in the new Autosoft platform circulates customer data, the lifeblood of your business, to your service drive, delivering flawless employee interactions that lead to unbeatable customer experience. It’s the 21st century. Replace that grease-stained paperwork with data intelligence and start reaping the profits.

Optimize scheduling, shop loading, and efficiency 

  • Full digital scheduling and shop loading keeps service bays full 
  • Track technician time and efficiency with digital repair orders 
  • Increase sales with full quoting, declined services, CSI follow-up, and marketing
  • View open ROs anywhere, throughout the DMS
  • Easily email PDF invoices to customers 

Total parts management on demand 

  • Optimize parts inventory levels and pricing with complete visibility 
  • Run multiple queries and seamlessly generate orders and invoices
  • Manage simple sales transactions, multiple simultaneous queries, and wholesale customers 
  • Track the utilization of OEM-issued special tools